About Us

Astra Vertical Villages is the latest project of BRIA Homes, the fastest-growing mass housing developer in the Philippines. It is a contemporary mid-rise condominium development that offer sufficient space and a strong sense of community to young, aspirational Filipinos.

Unlike the usual condominiums, Astra’s innovative concept of the ‘village life’ offers a vibrant alternative to the drab and dreary residential tower blocks we see in the big cities. Each tower makes up a sizable village, where unit owners enjoy cozy and intimate co-living in elegant walk-up buildings.

Three Stars of Astra


With its units bearing ‘starter pack’ price tags, Astra is the best place for young, aspirational Filipinos who have big dreams but have yet to fulfill these.


Astra’s prospective residents will enjoy a proximity to lifestyle hubs and major business districts because of Astra’s strategic and carefully planned locations.


Astra Vertical Villages’ homeowners will feel an empowering sense of independence as they regard their units not just as places to go home to but as fine investments for the long term.

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